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Company Description:

Ampac Enterprises, Inc.  Established in 1992 with a mission to be “The Leader in Technology Services.”  

Ampac Enterprises, Inc. provides a variety of business services catering to high technology production, ranging from customer support to marketing to sales. 

Client Feedback: 

"I would like to thank you for the great job you've done with designing our web site.  We have had this site available for over two months and have not done anything with it.  

In about one week, you successfully collaborated with us and created a professional web site that meets our needs.  The site has established a positive web presence for our company.  

We appreciated your suggestions and were impressed by your ability to incorporate our input when developing the web site.  

It would be my pleasure to recommend you to others who may be interested in creating a web site for their business." 

-Vice President of Operations

Ampac Enterprises, Inc.


Company Description:

Shadow Warrior Founded in 1984, they have over 16 years of experience providing martial art supplies, books, and videos to the greater Sacramento area (Sacramento, Davis, and Stockton).  

Their selection, experience, and commitment to customer service will make your martial arts supplies shopping experience a positive one.  

Client Feedback: 

"I am very happy with the web site that you have designed for me.

You were responsive to my requests, prompt in your replies, and accurate in your revisions of my web site. 

I really appreciate your patience and constructive advice throughout the process.  You've created a professional site for my store, thanks!"


     Shadow Warrior 






Sigma Chi Omega Alumni Association

Founded in 1996.  The Sigma Chi Omega Alumni Association strives to maintain a sense of brotherhood among Sigma Chi Omega Alumni.  It has over 50 members and continues to grow every year.


Client Feedback:


NAKANO CONSULTING created our web site 1998 and has done an excellent job in maintaining the site over the years.  


The web site has evolved and continues to get better after each update.  You have been and continue to be timely in your updates and accommodating to our needs.  We really appreciate the professional level of service that you have provided and we would be happy to recommend you to others in need of web site design and maintenance.  



Sigma Chi Omega 

Alumni Association 




Sacramento's Asian Scene (SAS)

SAS is a web site that features the Asian Scene in the greater Sacramento area (Sacramento, Davis, and Stockton).  It caters to Asian Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.  It provides information about nightclubs, college clubs and Greek organizations, community events, restaurants, and much more. The Asian American Entertainment Resource is a resource for Asian Americans interested in the entertainment industry.  The site provides links to web sites that feature Asian American films, music, magazines, and artists. It also features articles by Asian Americans in the entertainment industry.  




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