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Founding Fathers of the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi Omega Multicultural Interest Fraternity at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Since Fall of 1993. First Annual Alumni Association Ski Trip at John Bolger's (Bubba's) Condo at Mammoth Ski Resort.  Back Row:  Nobuo Nakano, Al Mateo, Dave Chiu, Bob Noriega  Front Row:  Steve Chu, Tom Vu, Dave Mei, Leo Lee, Chee Lai

Brother/Sister Ceremony (Sigma Chi Omega Fraternity, UCSB & Zeta Sigma Phi Sorority, USC) and First Annual Alumni Weekend at UCSB at Goleta Beach Ladies of Zeta Sigma Phi Sorority at USC.  (For more information about Zeta Sigma Phi, visit their web site.  See Links page.)
Sigma Chi Omega escorts for a Zeta Sigma Phi (Sister Sorority) event. Johnny Ea, Darrell M. Young, Nobuo Nakano, and Raul Reynon.

Gamma Class induction at the Elephant Bar.  Gamma Class: Archie Lazar, John Bolger, Tyler Luangviseth, Don Kim, Minh Thai. Alumni: Darrell Young, Nobuo Nakano, Loi Yu, Milton Ordonez, Raul Reynon  (All five individuals worked for UCSB's residential life program)

Brothers getting wild at the Gamma Class Induction at the Elephant Bar.   Beta Class Induction at the Multicultural Center with the ladies of Chi Delta Theta Sorority (UCSB).

1996-1997 Alpha Chapter, Sigma Chi Omega Fraternity (UCSB), annual fraternity picture. Spring 1994 Beta Class Induction at the multicultural center. 

1994-1995 Sigma Chi Omega Fraternity & Sigma Kappa Chi Sorority social. 1994-1995 Sigma Chi Omega Paint Ball Activity.
Epsilon Class:  (Left) Chan Lam, Johnny Ea, Richard Ahorro, Eddie Lim, Romeo Martinez, Milton Ordonez, Darrell M. Young. Ladies of Sigma Kappa Chi Sorority (UCSB).  

Spring 1995 Epsilon Class Induction dinner at the Harbor Restaurant.  Back Row:  Nobuo Nakano, Darrell Young, Archie Lazar, Chan Lam, Sherman Gore  Front Row:  Richard Ahorro, Eddie Lim, Chee Lai 1996-1997 End of the year meeting at pizza restaurant. 
Dave Chiu at the Harbor Restaurant for the Epsilon Class Induction formal dinner.   Sigma Chi Omega group picture.

Iota Class Induction at the Double Tree Hotel Resort.  Iota Class: Albert Ho, David Jo, Doug Truong, George Ihara, Jeffrey Feng Wu, Julio Mendoza, Kris Saenz, Lawrence Yen, Ward Quon. Sigma Chi Omega party at Archie Lazar and Don Kim's apartment.  
Induction party. Multicultural event: trip to the Museum of Tolerance, located in Los Angeles, California.

Group picture at Sigma Chi Omega induction.  

Chee Lai, Bryan Silver, John Bolger, Sherman Gore, and Nobuo Nakano at the Epsilon Class Induction at the new Multicultural Center at UCSB.  

Sigma Chi Omega brothers and Zeta Sigma Phi sisters partying at the Epsilon Class Induction. 1997 First Annual Spring Jam: Open 3x3 Men's Basketball Tournament at the UCSB Thunderdome (Events Center)  15 teams participated.  

April 11, 1997 First Annual Monte Carlo Night Party at the Sigma Chi Omega House.  Over 500 people in attendance 1997 First Annual Spring Jam: Open 3x3 Men's Basketball Tournament at the UCSB Thunderdome (Events Center)  15 teams participated.  Gave away cash grand prize of $300.00.



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