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Step 1: Initial Consultation

  • Understand Your Business Mission, Core Competencies, and Competitors

  • Determine the Purpose of the Web Site

  • Define Your Target Market and Understand Their Needs

  • Determine What Information will be Provided at Your Web Site and How it will Presented

  • Design of Web Site

  • Determine Web Site Domain Name and Complete Domain Name Registration

  • Questions and Answers





Step 2: Publishing the Web Site

  • Publish First Draft of Web Site to the World Wide Web

  • Make Necessary Revisions or Corrections

  • Publish Final Version of Your Web Site to the World Wide Web

  • Submit Your Web Site Address to the Top Search Engines



Step 3: Monthly Maintenance

  • We offer several different monthly maintenance plans.  Each plan is customized to suit your individual needs.*  

  • For more information regarding services and fees, please contact:

"Helping you in ways you never imagined."


*If you host and maintain your web site, monthly maintenance fees do not apply.  


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